July 12, 2014

What a Shame to Lose a Great Job Opportunity Over Tax Debt.

In an effort to have it's own employees lead by example, the Federal Government has been denying jobs… [more]

What a Shame to Lose a Great Job Opportunity Over Tax Debt. What a Shame to Lose a Great Job Opportunity Over Tax Debt.

Tax-Planning Expert Sandy Botkin

Hire your children, write off your golf game and other legal tax deductions that you might not know about By Laura… [more]

Tax-Planning Expert Sandy Botkin Tax-Planning Expert Sandy Botkin

How to Choose a Tax Consultant

Anyone can claim they are a tax consultant, and many do, even those without solid credentials. When choosing… [more]

How to Choose a Tax Consultant How to Choose a Tax Consultant

Tax Cutting for 2012

Tax cutting has been a key policy of the administration of George Bush since coming to power in 2001.… [more]

Tax Cutting for 2012 Tax Cutting for 2012

How to Tap an IRA Early Without a Tax Penalty

If you must withdraw cash from an IRA before age 59½, there are more ways than you might think to avoid a 10% tax penalty. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

How to Deal With Nontaxable Rental Income

If you get a Form 1099, best to report the income, then exclude it. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

Waiting for Action on Taxes

Tax Report: What to do until Congress deals with expired breaks. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

Online School Has 100,000 Students, One Subject: English

Open English has raised an estimated $ 120 million in venture capital, underscoring the market potential of Latin America's fast-growing middle class. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

A Short History of the Income Tax

It's a complex story that starts during the Civil War. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

Offshore Disclosure Comes With Hazards

The IRS has greatly eased penalties for people who unintentionally violated the law. Here's what taxpayers need to consider before they confess. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

Tips for Deducting Charitable Donations

Record-keeping rules vary depending on several factors. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]

Reconsider the Roth: Benefits for Older Investors, Too

New research challenges the practice of recommending Roth retirement accounts mainly to young investors. WSJ.com: Taxes … [Read More...]